Omni Guild of Project 1999

We kill gods and your sleep!

Omni Guild Charter

Omni endeavors to recruit good, mindful, mature people who conduct themselves well and treat others with respect and decency – both in-game and out. We expect Omni members to do the right thing because it is the right thing.

EverQuest on P99 is recreation and entertainment. With that in mind, we understand that real life comes first – and we encourage that. Should the game ever become consuming, overly frustrating, or damaging to family, work, or school, we encourage you to put those priorities first – without consequences.

Conceptual Expectations:

  • Don’t be a dick. If you wonder if you’re being a dick, you probably are. Knock it off.
  • Treat others with respect always – irrespective of guild tag or capacity.
  • Stay out of Rants and Flames. This is NOT negotiable.
  • Follow the server rules (no 2-boxing, RMT, exploits, training, etc.).
  • Exceed the server rules as prescribed in the Charter and Code of Conduct.

Operational Expectations:

  • Loot is awarded by council.
  • Batphone participation and response is optional. However, if you are online when a raid is called, please show up or inform the raid leader why you are unable to.
  • New members are selected by current members.
  • Discipline is handled thoughtfully on a case-by-case basis.

We’re all human. Please be respectful and allow for mistakes (as well as pure human stupidity). How we handle misunderstandings and conflicts when they arise says more about us than anything. Be mindful and kind.