Omni Guild of Project 1999

We kill gods and your sleep!

Omni Raid Information

Standard Raid Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10AM EST (3:00PM UTC)
Omni regularly raids PoH, PoF, Chardok, and other high-value targets on Monday and Friday on a US morning schedule. Our Sky schedule is Wednesday at 10:00AM EST (3:00PM UTC). Because most of our players are Euro or US daytime players, we do not often raid in the evenings.

FFA Targets:
We will occasionally designate FFA targets and ask members to camp their mains nearby. This is optional, but highly appreciated.

If you're online when a raid/activity is called, we expect you to show up. Even if you need to log in just a bit, it's a good thing to show up and help with transportation, buffs, the initial break, etc. If, for some reason you cannot show up, let the person who called the event know why you won't be there.

Loot Rules:
We use a loot council who weighs (hopefully) contributions to the guild (which is a pretty broad criterion) and benefit to the guild (which is also pretty broad).

Loot is NORMALLY awarded in this order: Mains > Alts > Applicants > Guests > Rot. Sometimes there are exceptions to this - but they're pretty rare.

Spells are awarded on the spot to those who can MEM them in that moment. Otherwise they go to the spellbank to be given out as people level.

The batphone is completely voluntary, but we encourage you to sign up for it. Currently, we have two categories - all hours and US daytime. You can sign up for either or both. To get on the batphone list, send Mgellan or Cloki an omnimail with your email address or your text (mobile) number and carrier (or both).

You are NEVER required to answer the batphone - but we would REALLY appreciate it if you could make every effort to show up to the high-value targets (think dragons/gods/etc.) when they're called. We're still pretty small and light and every person can absolutely make a difference.

Everyone should posses (mandatory):

  • Charged WC Cap (mandatory - get one from Cloki or Mgellan)
  • OT Hammer (mandatory - bug Cloki or Gats when you reach 50)
  • Way to SoW yourself (sometimes j-boots just aren't quite fast enough)
  • Way to Levi yourself (Quillcloak, potions, spell)
  • Way to invis yourself (Spell, mask, rings, potions, BP, etc. instaclick can be a lifesaver)
  • Way to IVU yourself
  • Rudimentary MR gear (rings, bracers, neck, etc.) (mandatory - get with Mindeen to buy at cost)
  • Way to EB yourself

Nice to carry:

  • EEs for necro rezzes
  • Frost Potion
  • Swamp Potion
  • CT Potion
  • Soulfire
  • Stack of Peridots
  • Hate/Sky Stones